Precision Equipment for Adding Items to Web Processes

Our goal is to enable unique product designs and streamlined operations for our customers in the print, packaging, label and plastic card industries. PowerForward Inc makes precision equipment for adding items - like promos, closures, cards or security devices - directly onto your high speed web of material.

Our equipment synchronizes electronically with your high speed press without slowing or compromising your operation. So you can add items directly onto your high speed web, rather than later in a separate, slower operation.


PowerStick Applicators On Press (US patent 8,453,700)

For applying labels at any location on your web of product material



PowerForward Card Issuing System

For verifying or issuing millions (even billions) of flat cards


Booklet Label Machines

For manufacturing booklet labels (ECLs, info or promo items)

  • Produce booklet labels either inline or off-line
  • Operate at up to 185 feet/min (56 m/min) on your label web, assuming a 2 inch (5 cm) repeat
  • Use the latest, proven technology specifically designed for producing booklet labels
  • Learn how to be successful manufacturing booklet labels


Is Our Equipment Right For Your Needs?

We invite you to use our web site's descriptions, photos, videos and pdfs to learn more about our equipment. Simply follow the menus and check out our resources page for summaries and extras.

Then contact us by phone or e-mail. Here's a list of the topics that we'll discuss with you. This is important ... we can help you quickly assess whether our product suits your requirements. And if it doesn't, we'll recommend other options.


Business Benefits

We help you achieve your business objectives, like:

  • Increasing throughput at maximum speed
  • Reducing manual functions
  • Integrating with your other equipment
  • Improving error handling and reducing downtime

In addition to performing specified functions, PowerForward systems allow customers to optimize staffing and floor space, simplify materials management and streamline production. Equipment payback periods are typically under 12 months.


Support for Ongoing Equipment Operation

As part of your initial purchase, we help you to keep the system running smoothly for the first year. We also provide on site training, 3D exploded view diagrams, manuals, and telephone consultations to assist your staff with learning about our systems. Our one-year warranty includes parts and labor to correct any functional problems that occur in the first year of system use.

After the first year, experienced customer staff are able to troubleshoot PowerForward systems with minimal outside help. We offer a spare parts kit and cost effective maintenance services to ensure your equipment keeps running smoothly.

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